I’ve been trying to keep my stress levels to a minimum with finals coming up (eeeeekkkk), so I haven’t been on in a while.  But I have some awesome products I’m going to post about when I get the time! Until then…

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The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system. ~Robert C. Peale
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Mental Health Tip/ Study Tip: Classical Music

I suffer from an anxiety disorder, so sometimes I have problems concentrating.  My mind won’t stop racing.  One thing that I’ve learned helps me (especially when I’m studying or doing homework) is to listen to classical music,  Other instrumental music can work well too, just something without words.  When you listen to music with words while you try to study, it is easy to get caught up in the words of the song.  I’ve found that classical music helps me to focus, which in turn can calm me down if I’m having a panic attack.

I love this youtube video “The Best of Chopin”…almost two hours of some really great Chopin pieces.  When I’m stressed or trying to study, I put in my headphones, play this video, and it just calms me.  It can improve my mood dramatically.